Divide integer and get integer value with intdiv() in PHP7

When an integer number is divided by another integer number, output will be in integer with some decimal values in PHP.

3 ways of removing decimal value with integer division.

  1. round()
  2. floor()
  3. intdiv()

For example, when an integer 7 is divided by 2, output will be 3.5. Decimals can be removed with PHP built in functions round() or float() as shown below.

// Usage of round function rounds it to upper integer value
round ( 7/2 ) ;  // gives output 4
// Usage of floor function gives the correct integer without decimals
floor ( 7/2 ) ; // gives output 3

PHP 7 supports new built in function intdiv() which does same as division followed by floor() function. With the introduction of intdiv function, using floor() is not required in PHP7.

// intdiv() function in PHP7 is equivalent of integer division followed by floor() funcion in earlier versions of PHP.
intdiv ( 7 ,  2 ) ;  // gives output 3

Please keep an eye on the syntax of intdiv ( dividend , divisor ).  It requires to use comma in place of division character.